About Us

We are your first point of contact in finding the right insurance plan or warranty plan for your life and property. Buying insurance is one of the smartest, wisest, and most mature decisions a person can make in order to cover their life and property.

However, when you look at the options, choosing one can be an overwhelming experience. Every type of insurance is unique and carries varying benefits, varying premiums, varying terms etc. There is a lot of time and research involved in order to choose the right insurance cover for you and your family.

To make things easier for you, we help you analyze and study the different plans under one roof and make this journey of choosing the right insurance plan out of the many choices, better. Instead of going by promises made in advertisements, and exciting quotes which may have hidden terms and conditions, find your insurance policy through our policy finder tool online.

We have done, and are constantly in the process of doing, extensive research of all insurance policies in market provided by the leading South African Insurance providers. Therefore we are your one stop destination to finding the best policy after a true comparison of quotes, terms, premium and benefits.

We understand the importance of your precious time, and the value of your life and property. Hence our motto is to help you find the best insurance coverage that may actually help you and your dependents under dire circumstances.

We help you keep you informed about the best options, in all types of insurances and motor warranty, without you having nothing to do. All you need to do is send us a request through our short quote request form and you will instantly get the best quotes, a comparative study, that will help you select the best insurance fit for your needs.