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Why is Funeral Insurance is important? Here is why. You may have already bought bought your life insurance and feel assured that you took the right step for all your dependents. However, you may be missing an important point. It’s a proven fact, based on records that the insurance company paycheck takes time to reach the family of the deceased. Death is never planned, and sometimes accidental. In such a situation, the family may be in need of immediate funds to carry on the funeral and cremation. Hence a funeral insurance policy will cover this need. Generally, the policy gets paid normally within 48 hours of the death. This saves the family and loved ones of the deceased from the jeopardy of arranging cash. It ensures that they do not worry about the money while they are struggling with the raw shocks of a beloved’s death.

We know how uncomfortable it is for you to think of your funeral while you are still alive. But it’s again your duty to arrange things for the crisis. So, after you, your loved ones may mourn for you in peace without having to run around arranging cash for funeral. A steady cash flow is needed to cover the funeral and cremation process.

Benefits of Funeral Cover

A Funeral cover will ensure the following possible.
  • Uninterrupted arrangement of funeral
  • Coffin etc as needed
  • Booking of the facilities
  • Hospitality of the guests on funeral

Funerals are often expensive, and even the minimal arrangements need you to squeeze out cash. To make things easy on the mourning family, funeral insurance can be the best way to relieve them from extra burden of arranging funds in an emergency.

We have developed a system for you in order to relieve you from the disturbing job of funeral insurance research. We have process information related to the various funeral cover types from best insurance companies across South Africa. Use our system to your benefit by submitting the form above. You will get the best quotes and information on funeral insurance options. Compare the quotes and choose the best one based on your needs.