Hospital Insurance

While you already have medical insurance, you may wonder what the role of a Hospital Insurance is. Hospital insurance is your big savior when you are hospitalized for days, as your family and you get the monetary support through the daily payment plan of the insurance policy, to sustain through this crisis. If you are the earning member of the family, and due to hospitalization your daily earning is barred, or the family needs immediate lump-sum amount for day to day expenses, medical expenses, then the lump sum amount will get you through, as this coverage helps sustain and get out of the crisis relatively easily.

It’s important to note here, that not all insurance plans are the same. While some covers any hospitalization, some only covers critical illness related hospitalizations, and some are activated after a standby period and so on. Similarly claiming the insurance also differs. While some plans restrict the payment to a particular amount of days per year, some restrict the number of claims per year.

Some insurance plans again pay for the medicines and not the facilities required in hospital, and some pays a certain amount on some surgeries. To know better, and make the best use of a plan, it’s good to study and compare.

We have made this job easy for you, by bringing processed information through comparative study of every good hospital insurance plan in South Africa. You simply need to fill in our form to fetch the details, and study in peace to decide which plan is right for you and your family.

You may choose an individual plan, or one that gives special discount for added family members, maternity benefits etc. Our online plan finder is the tool you need to use in order to bypass individual researching, and to help you choose the best hospital insurance coverage.