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Every motor vehicle comes with a warranty. New ones come with a manufacturer warranty for a specific period, like 1 year or 2 to 3 years. And pre-owned cars and vehicles come with dealer warranty on some parts. The type of manufacturer warranty also varies a lot. While some companies warranty the full car, some warranty parts, and some take responsibility of services for extended period to ensure the vehicle is in good state.

Benefits and terms differ with manufacture to manufacturer, and hence when it comes to dealers, they can offer extended warranties on the vehicles and parts etc. based on warranties provided by some of the best motor warranty providers of South Africa.

We know how costly it is to maintain a car or vehicle in good condition, due to intermittent problems in parts and services required. Therefore we bring to you the most updated information on motor vehicle warranties which you can buy through the most reliable and reputed warranty sellers. This ensures that any part of the vehicle which is covered by the warranty, needing replacement or repair, is fully paid for by the warrantor. In this way you are relieved of the sudden expenses, and the vehicle can be serviced quickly, to bring it back to its original working condition.

Depending on the type and cost of the vehicle, new or old, miles, and many such statistics, the valuation differs, and hence warranty prices also differs. We know the most viable options that warranty sellers get every day, and as per the statistics, we have done our research to put before you the best motor warranty options which you can think about investing in. Compare thoroughly through our motor warranty finder tool to know the best benefits you can enjoy in your budget, and get the warranty most suitable for your pocket and your vehicle.