Privacy Policy

We are an insurance policy comparison website, and our services are gathering of relevant updated information for you, and assisting you with finding a suitable policy cover for you. In this process we ask you for your contact details and financial information which is needed to show you the best results of quotes, policy terms, benefits and overall comparison between various policy options.

The information you enter in the contact forms and insurance policy quote request forms are accepted by us to forward the same to insurance companies, and brokers with whom we are partnered. In future, you may be contacted by these insurance companies and brokers, whom we shared your contact information with.

When you fill up the online form for requesting a quote, then you click on the agreement terms before submitting your request. You are already informed through our terms and conditions page, which you should read before agreeing and submitting the details, that your contact information will be shared with insurance providers and that you will be contacted through telephone and email by them.

If in case you don’t want to be contacted by anyone for assistance in choosing the insurance plans, or for helping you buy a policy, you may choose not to use our website. However, if you agree to be contacted by clicking on the checkbox while submitting the online request, then our associates have every right to call you for suggesting insurance policy options.

We have the right to change any or all of our terms and conditions, and bring them to immediate effect while releasing them for our associates and customers on our website.